The idea was to construct a wooden clog, which overcomes the problems of common wooden clogs especially the hard step and the non-flexibility of the front part. With our system - breaking off the front part and joining both parts together with a bendable foam-joint these problems are overcome and a good feeling in the step is accomplished.

With the foam-joint every step is cushioned and shock-absorbed. Hard upper-part, soft sole, hard underground = shock-absorbation.

By breaking off the front-part a rolling-off (bending) of the front-foot is possible which increases blood-circulation in the feet which means - no more cold feet!

The wooden part of the sandals and clogs are not treated chemically and by using a very soft wood, the Poplar, there is hardly any foot-transpiration.
The anatomically formed foot-bed fits perfect and has the big advantage compared to soft shoes that the in-sole can not be deformed and a wearer alway stands straight - no more problems with your back-spine and disks (vertibrae).

The HOGES-Products are commonly used by people which have to stand and walk a lot on hard surfaces like concrete-floors. Also in wet areas the clogs can be used because they are slip-free. More areas to use the HOGES-shoes are during spare-time after sport-activities or as a shoe to wear around home.

Do your feet a good deed - wear HOGES!